Interstuhl PROMO MOVYis3 23M6 Stof Era 01

Royal kleur RO01 zwart, Voet plastic Zwart, , keuze armleggers, Wielen (keuze harde vloer of tapijt)
Interstuhl PROMO MOVYis3 23M6 Stof Era 01
€603,00 excl. BTW
€729,63 incl. BTW

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fabriccolour RO01 zwart
Royal kleur RO01 zwart
ACTIE 3D armrests
3D Armlegger
3D Armlegger
Plastic footbase black
Plastic Zwart
Voet plastic Zwart
castors harde of zachte vloer
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€603,00 excl. BTW
€729,63 incl. BTW
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Form. Function. Perfectly shaped.

Good design begins where your whole body becomes aware of it

The MOVY is3 product range combine design and aesthetics with form and function on a completely new level. Light, dynamic, distinctive; MOVY is3 stands for visible weightlessness, transparency and an emphasis on aesthetics that enhances your workplace and living space. Give the extraordinary a permanent place among your office furniture. Make a statement - simply in seating.

People who make big things happen every day are entitled to expect top performance from others

And MOVY is3 confidenetly delivers that performance in terms of design and function in equal measure. The comfort it provides completely redefines the notion of sitting. Regardless whether you choose the swivel armchair with comfort upholstery or the conference chair - MOVY is3 puts itself completely at the service of your wellbeing, and gives a boost to your highest intellectual endeavours.

Technische details

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